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a bit about me:

My first name is "María" but I go by my second name: "Lorena" and I have 2 last names: "Flores Agüero" (Just to clarify for the non latino visitors 😉).


➡️ I have a professional and positive attitude with a work-style that prioritizes efficiency, reliability, teamwork, organization, and interpersonal communication.  Ability to understand, adopt, and adapt to new Digital Marketing technologies. Willing to meet and exceed the challenges imposed by fast-paced timelines. Currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Visual Anthropology, with emphasis on Digital Anthropology. I have Peruvian and Italian citizenships and speak advanced English, native Spanish and basic French, Portuguese, and Italian. Currently living in Poznań, Poland.

Opinions expressed on my social media channels are solely my own and

do not express the views or opinions of my current or previous employers.

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