On November 9th 2019, Germany celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and my pictures of the “#NiUnaMenos 2015 peruvian march” were showcased in a big public show at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.


German documentary “(R)evolution” (2018), by Lillian Rose, used my pictures of the “#NiUnaMenos 2015 march” in the Peruvian part of the documentary.


Grand Prize Winner in “Cl!ck About It” (July 2010) International photography contest within “Th!nk About It”: A european blogger competition organized by the “European Journalism Centre”.


Wrote and edited the blog "Sexo Sentido" (Sex Sense) on the peruvian newspaper "Perú21" from May 2010 until July 2016.


I led the Peruvian campaign called  "Reintegration Program for Spanish Accent Marks on Public Areas (and everywhere)" called "Acentos Perdidos en Perú" (Lost Accent Marks in Peru) that was part of the international campaign called "Acentos Perdidos" (Lost Spanish Accent Marks). We promoted correct Spanish punctuation on panels in the streets from July 2009 until December 2011.